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A Change in the Game

I work most evenings, so for months, my sister would make dinner for the family. Well, my sister got a job (yay!) and started working 9-5 last week…which means making dinner is up to me again!

I love cooking, so I don’t mind that the responsibility has fallen on me, and fortunately for me, my sister had several weeks of meals planned ahead.  And with the help of Pinterest, finding ideas for dinner is easy.

Tonight’s recipe is a new one for us. It’s Tebow Family Pizza Pie! Apparently there’s some guy named Tebow who’s famous or something…

Okay, I’m not THAT out of the loop – I know who Tim Tebow is and when I found this recipe, I knew we had to try it. Who doesn’t love pizza? Or pie?

Tebow Pizza Pie

Snickers Brownies

Being a week after Easter, stores have Easter candy marked down 6,000% off. We have more candy than we know what to do with, so I’ve decided to made brownies and throw some Snickers in. Sounds good, right? Most recipes I’ve looked up have you make brownies from scratch, but we have boxes of brownie mix, so why do the extra work?

Pizza Pie + Snickers Brownies = pretty good Tuesday!

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