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What-a-Great-Website Wednesday! Week 18

Ever wanted to make a difference, but didn’t have the time? Maybe you don’t know where to volunteer, or what you have to offer others. If so, this week’s website is right up your alley.

ShopWithMeaning.org is a website committed to companies that support worthy causes such as fighting poverty, hunger relief, human trafficking, and more. On ShopWithMeaning.org, you can browse by category: apparel, beverages and food, housewares, jewelry, etc.

If you’d rather choose a cause to support instead of shopping by category, you can select clean water, Fair Trade, human trafficking, and others. Another option is One For One, which implies that for every product you buy, the same product will be donated to those in need.

One of my personal favorites is Feed Just One. “Each shirt sold feeds a child for one month. Additionally, every item sold includes a donation to Rice Bowls, a non-profit organization which partners with orphanages around the world to provide their food budget so they can buy fresh food locally and support their communities.” “Feed Just One also donates one meal for each person that ‘Likes’ their page on Facebook.”

This is the shirt that I bought from Feed Just One a few months back:
touch hearts

ShopWithMeaning.org has supported numerous causes since its inception in 2010. We can give back by helping them continue to support worthy causes.

Feel free to comment and share if you buy anything through ShopWithMeaning.org!

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