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What-a-Great-Website Wednesday! Week 17!

This week’s website is geared toward children – or the young at heart!

As Christmas nears, we love to listen to Christmas music, decorate, watch Christmas movies, and play Christmas games! This site is one that I’ve visited in the past and still enjoy this time of year. It’s NorthPole.com!

There are pages on Northpole.com where children can read personalized stories, the Elves’ Game Chest, and a Christmas Countdown Calendar. You can make an account on the site for all ages – there’s a Child/Student Log In, Parent/Adult Log In, and a Teacher Log In.

One of my favorite features is the NORAD Santa Tracker! On Christmas Eve, this site will “track” Santa as he travels all over the world delivering gifts to children!

Some of my favorite games are the Coloring Book, Bud’s Swap Puzzles, and the Word Search Games.

I hope you enjoy Northpole.com and that it becomes a tradition for your family each year!

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  1. I’m so glad that you enjoy northpole.com! We elves love to hear that 🙂


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