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What-a-Great-Website Wednesday! Week 14

Good afternoon, everyone! I had a difficult time coming up with a website for today until my sister suggested one. Today’s site is just for fun – no helpful hints or yummy recipes.

A few years ago, some friends of ours told us about this website. To some of you, this website will be ridiculous; a waste of time. Well, to be honest, it IS ridiculous, but it is far from a waste of time. This site is meant to make you laugh, and who doesn’t need to laugh? After all, they say laughter is the best medicine.

This week’s website is HomestarRunner.com! If it’s your first time visiting the website, you’ll find Toons, Games, information about the Characters, and more! My personal favorite is Strong Bad’s Emails. (This one never gets old. )

Yes, this website is just for kicks and giggles. Who doesn’t need more kicks and giggles in their life?

(I’ll try to find a more serious website for next week! ;-))

Have a great week!

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