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Turning a house into a home…

Tomorrow’s baking adventure…

When I was growing up, my grandmother used to make squash muffins in the summertime. She’d go to a local stand and buy all sorts of vegetables – squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, etc. My childhood was filled with tomato sandwiches,  green beans cooked with ham, and Meemaw’s squash muffins. There’s nothing quite like a squash muffin fresh out of the oven with melted butter on it.

This year, we have a garden of our own, where we’re growing corn, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, carrots, peas, and squash. Unfortunately, our groundhog friends have snacked on the peas, and probably the carrots and beans. Luckily, we still have the rest of our veggies, and the squash is ready to be eaten!

Tomorrow, I’ll be making my grandmother’s squash muffins. I’ve wanted to make these for a while now, so I can hardly wait!

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