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The Music Box

When I was younger, we used to visit my grandmother’s house at least once a week. When we weren’t playing or helping her with something around the house, I used to go into her bedroom (which is now my bedroom) and play one of her music boxes. It was always in the same spot, and I always knew I’d be able to find it and listen to it. It was a beautiful music box – porcelain with flowers on top – and I loved the song it played, even though I never knew what it was.

As I got older, I listened to it less and less. We didn’t visit as often and I didn’t think about it when we did visit. When we moved into my grandmother’s house in 2005, I wondered about the music box, but never asked my grandmother about it. I assumed it would be on one of her dressers in her bedroom downstairs, but I never did see it.

After my grandmother passed away, I started thinking about the music box again. I wanted to be able to find it and wind it up like I always did when I was younger. I wanted that same feeling I’d get when I listened to the song  it played. When we started going through my grandmother’s things, I wondered if we would find it in a box…maybe in a drawer somewhere, forgotten and waiting to be found.

As the days passed, I could feel my hope dwindling. I was beginning to think we would never find it. Rather than allowing myself to forget about it again, I decided to search for a new one. I thought it may have been heart-shaped, but even that was questionable. Unfortunately, it had been so long since I’d seen it that I couldn’t remember exactly what it looked like, not to mention I never knew the name of the song it played. It was going to take a lot of searching, but it would be worth it.

I started a general search: “porcelain music box with flowers,” “heart-shaped music box with flowers,” “porcelain heart-shaped music boxes with flowers,” etc. Nothing.

Since I had no luck finding the music box itself, I started looking for the song. If I couldn’t have another music box, then I could at least have the song. I searched for “music box songs,” and got 38,900,000 results. I tried several websites, finding a song title and listening to it on YouTube. I eventually started a Word document, listing all of the songs it was NOT.

I was starting to think I would never find the song, until I came across one website. It sold music boxes, but after scrolling down the page, I didn’t see my grandmother’s music box. I was about to close the page, when I figured I might as well try the songs that each of the music boxes played. It couldn’t hurt to add to the list of songs that were not the song my grandmother’s music box played.

About 2/3 of the way down the page, I found a song titled, and listened to it on YouTube. For the first 30 seconds, I was disappointed because I’d hit another dead end. I decided to listen to the song anyway, because it was Mandy Patinkin singing! (You know…”Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Yeah – that guy.) I had no idea he could sing! The video got to 1:00…and there it was. The song. It was the chorus of “Younger Than Springtime” from South Pacific.

I listened to the chorus of the song over and over to be absolutely certain it was what I’d been searching for. When I was truly convinced, I just started laughing. I could hardly believe that after months of searching, I’d finally found it. Now that I had a piece of the puzzle, I could search for a new music box that played the song that had become part of my childhood.

Because it’s not a popular music box song anymore, it wasn’t easy to find a music box that I liked. Yes, there was the music box from the original website where I found the song, but I wanted to find one as close to my grandmother’s music box as possible.

Then I came across the lovely Etsy.com. Someone was selling a music box that played “Younger Than Springtime” – and it had flowers on it. It was the closest thing to the original that I’d seen so far. After a few weeks, I talked myself into buying it. Thanks to Kalina’s Garden, I finally have my music box.


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  1. judy

    ahh what a wonderful thing to do, I know you are so happy that you have your memory back.


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