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What-a-Great-Website Wednesday! Week 6

Apparently it’s Wednesday again! Because of Monday’s holiday, my week has been totally thrown off.

If you’re a tea lover like I am, you like trying new kinds of tea. I don’t think people realize just how many types of tea there are: black, green, white, chai, oolong, herbal, etc. Most teas told today are black, green, and herbal, and are sold bottled or in tea bag form. A less common way to drink tea is using loose tea.

Adagio Teas is a company that sells many types of tea and tea accessories. You can even make your own tea blends to suite your tastes. My favorite blend of tea is called Autumn’s Oracle, – a combination of ceylon sonata, gingerbread, and oriental spices. It has a perfect blend of flavor and is great for a chilly autumn evening. My brother has created two tea blends: Creme de Menthe and A Kiss for Dessert.

Adagio teas can be purchased as loose tea, or in tea bags. If you purchase the loose tea, you can buy teaware from them: the ingenuitea set is one of their most popular items, and comes with a teapot and your choice of 4 samples of Adagio’s best-selling tea. They also have a pantry section that has tea cookies, energy bars, tea honey, and other items to choose from.

In terms of their prices, they are very reasonable. It may seem like a lot to pay $10 for 3 ounces of tea, but it lasts a long time. I still have tea that I bought over a year ago – not only does it last a long time, it still has its flavor.

If you feel like shaking things up, you could even use Adagio’s tea bags and loose teas to make sun tea!

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  1. Thanks for the great review. Happy to hear you and your brother are creating signature blends on the website.


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