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Today’s Experiment in the Kitchen

Because yesterday was such a productive Monday, I’m not sure what to do with myself today. Sure – there are always things that I could be doing around the house, but there’s nothing pressing that needs to be done today. So as I was sitting in the kitchen, thinking about what to do, I started brainstorming about something sweet to make.

We had a package of Nestle Toll House cookie dough that my brother and sister broke into for lunch, so I knew we had to use it soon.

We also had a box of Pillsbury Brownie Mix. Now…as an experienced brownie maker, I’ve used a lot of different kinds of brownie mixes before, and I have to say – Pillsbury is not my favorite. It’s just lacking the quality that Duncan Hines and Hershey possess. So why do we have it if it’s not the best? It was on the markdown shelf, of course! The poor box had been crushed at the top, so it was marked down to a dollar (woot woot!). I knew if I made these brownies, I’d have to do something to spice them up a bit.

I know what you’re thinking – I put the cookies and brownies together. You would be correct – but I did more than that!

I did, indeed, mix up the brownie mix and put the cookie dough on top. But I also added not only Hershey Kisses, but Rolos as well. We still have some Hershey Kisses left over from Christmas, and we bought some Rolos last week, and amazingly, there are still some left.

They’re in the oven as I type. I have no idea how these will turn out, or even IF they will turn out, but that’s the fun in experimenting, right?

Here they are! The brownies don’t seem to be completely done in the middle, but that’s probably because there’s so much stuff in with it. I’m excited about trying them after they’ve cooled!

What kind of experiments have you tried in the kitchen?


  1. johndent

    So how did they turn out? I used to take a bag of Utz sourdough hard pretzels and bake them in the oven with salsa over them.


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