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I had the privilege of being an influencer for author Dani Pettrey and her new book, Submerged. What’s an “influencer?” Well, simply put, I was to read Submerged and then tell others that they should read the book as well. I have to say, even if I hadn’t been an influencer, I would be recommending this book. It was only released a week ago, and I’ve already started reading it a second time.

As a Dive Rescue Captain, Cole McKenna has worked Search and Rescue cases before. This case, however, brings new and old experiences alike: a murder investigation…and a reunion with the girl who broke his heart more than a decade ago. Bailey Craig’s aunt died hiding a secret – a secret linked to a mysterious treasure that could change history.

As the investigation progresses and the team gets closer to the truth, more murder victims are discovered. Will they be able to solve the mystery before they become victims too? Will Bailey learn to let go of her past and enjoy her life in the present? Will she able to make amends with the boy she once loved?

Prepare to embark on an adventure that will take you to Yancey, Alaska. You’ll meet the McKenna clan, a family you’ll wish you could call your own; Bailey Craig, whom everyone can relate to, as she deals with the loss of a loved one, while struggling with regrets from her past. With suspense, romance, and characters you’ll love, you won’t want to put Submerged down.

You can read an excerpt here and purchase the book here. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

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