Home is Where the Love Is

Turning a house into a home…

And so it begins…

I’m not much of a blogger. Never have been. But because of recent events and life changes, I’ve decided it’s time to become a blogger, or at least blog about something that’s important to me.

The house I’m currently living in was built in 1968 and was built for my family – my grandmother and her children. The property on which the house is located has been in the family for over a hundred years. Many people have lived in this house throughout its 40+ years and it has been “holiday central,” if you will. Easter, Thanksgiving, birthday parties, graduation parties –  you name it, it’s been here. The family has met in this house for Christmas every year since it was built. For a little while, we were afraid we’d seen the end of that tradition…

December 26th, 2010, my grandmother suffered a stroke – a stroke that lasted a week. Things were never the same after that, and exactly 4 months later, she passed away. She had stated in her will that she wished her house to stay in the family. Christmas 2011 was bittersweet. We knew Meemaw was in heaven, with her God and with the family who had gone before her. But we still missed having her here, and we knew it was probably the last Christmas we would all be together, celebrating in her house.

After many months of cleaning out the house and packing our own things, a series of events took place that led to my parents’ decision to look into buying my grandmother’s house. We knew that if we bought it, it would stay in the family – not just a family member owning and living in the house, but the house remaining open to the rest of the family. Parties could still be held here, cars could still be parked here, family could still stop by – Christmas could still be here.

Now here we are – April of 2012, and closing day is this Thursday. It will be exactly a year to the day after my grandmother passed away. Talk about the work of God…

It is my hope that throughout the next few months, I will be able to share the trials and tribulations that come with turning a house into a home.


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